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The Thermablaster Fuel Consumption Calculator can be used to determine the fuel efficiency of any of your Natural Gas, Propane, or Kerosene products. Begin by entering the BTUs of your unit, then complete the applicable fields that relate to your gas type.

Note: Each pilot light burns approximately 1,200 BTU’s. Our heaters always run with the selected gas pilot light and the supplementary pilot light lit. Together they are around 2,400 BTU’s.  If you want to know the consumption and cost of the type of gas you are using when you leave your unit running on the pilot setting, enter  2,400 BTU’s in the BTU’s box and that will give you an accurate answer.


Natural Gas

Cubic Feet per hour of NG 0 ft3/hours
MCF per hour 0
Therms per hour 0
Enter hours of usage a day
Hours of usage a month 0
From your local gas bill enter either MCF or Therm Cost
Enter Cost Per MCF $
Enter Cost Per Therm $
Averge Monthly MCF Cost $0.00
Averge Monthly Therms Cost $0.00

Liquid Propane

Hours of Use 0
Days of Use 0
Propane Consumption Lb per hour 0
Propane Consumption Gallon per hour 0


Hours of Use 0
Days of Use 0
Gallons per Hour of Kerosene 0
Enter cost per gallon $
Average Tank Cost $0.00